Mother’s Day

mother's dayFor Mother’s Day we went to visit my grandmother for a bit. She’s struggled since my grandfathers passing October 2013. We rarely get her out of bed so it was nice to see her up and about and eating breakfast while we were there. My mother fixed her hair since my granny had a doctors appointment the next day.

I watched them and snapped pictures of random things in the kitchen while I talked to my cousin and aunt. After that I left with my mother and changed clothes so I could plant some flowers for her. She’s been dealing with some back/hip issues and can’t squat or get on the ground right now. I planted some impatients and a couple of other flowers for her.

farmers meeting

The field across the street from the house was being prepped to plant. They stood in that same spot talking for so long I had time to run and grab my camera, change out lenses and take half a dozen photos before getting the shot I wanted. Later we saw them pull away and big trucks pull up. I’m curious to see what they plant this year. It usually alternates between cotton and soy bean.

grilledAfter planting we went inside and I prepared some roma tomatoes and yellow squash for the grill. We also had baked potatoes, grilled chicken [me] and steak [them]. One of my favorite parts of spring/summer is grilling. There’s been a few late evenings of planting the garden recently and I can’t wait to get some of those veggies harvested. My mother picked out herbs to plant too. I’m looking forward to all of the fresh goodness.

Do you plant a garden? What do you usually plant?

Belated Christmas

small houseMy office was closed Tuesday through Thursday of last week, so I used a day of vacation on Friday and only had to work Monday. Six whole days off! It’s been a while since I’ve taken that much time in a row. It was glorious. I caught up on the dvr, hung out with my mother, did some reading, and some writing.

The family went to the botanical garden to see the light display there. We try to go every year. Some years they add new things, but it’s fun to see some of our favorites year after year.

brunchInstead of a big dinner this year my brother and I convinced my mother we should do something small. We all slept in then I made this breakfast casserole for brunch and my mother made biscuits. For dinner we had a cajun fried turkey (to make sandwiches) and I threw together cheese dip. Cooked sausage, cream cheese, and rotel. Pretty much the best dip I’ve ever put in my mouth, to be honest.


On Christmas Eve I made a Kentucky pecan pie slash derby pie slash chocolate pecan pie. I’m not wild about pecan pie (gasp) because of the caro syrup based filling, but I love love love pecans. This was a nice change of pace. It was sooo yummy when warm.

sparkly things

We didn’t open presents until late in the day. I received clothes for work, a sewing machine(!!!), a few classic movies on dvd, a new hair dryer from my brother and other random things. BTW, how cute is this little plate my mother foundĀ for me?!

Mine was a super relaxing day. How was your holiday?