{Fashion} Yellow Hello Kitty flats

Week before last I was rambling around online and stumbled onto ModCloth. I’ve never bought from them but their stuff is adorable (not so affordable though). I went directly to the “Sale” stuff and came across something that made me GASP.

What might that be?

Well, it’s these little gems.

I told myself “NO” rather sternly. But then I noticed they only had one pair left in my size. We all know I’ve mentioned how I’m a sucker for a good deal… I’m also a sucker for a “it’s the last one!” I’ve been shopping too many times, fell in love with something, not bought it but went back later and it’s gone. Learned my lesson on that, so I snapped these up lickity split. They are perfect for me. Hello Kitty. Cherries.

The best part was, until they arrived and I pulled them out of the box today, I didn’t realize THE SOLES ARE PINK and covered in bows. My heart.

And the HK head embossed on the heel.

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