Catching up

During the Christmas holidays I hurt my hand and couldn’t really do much typing. Or any typing at all, to be honest.

I’d planned on getting caught up on posting reviews then but it just couldn’t happen. Now, I’m just saying the hell with it and ignoring the pain. I have back dated [to the dates I finished reading each book] about 6 reviews and posted those. I now have 9 more to go. Some are drafted, some aren’t. Slowly but surely I’m catching up this week and hope to get back on track.

I’m trying to decide what sort of things I want to do in the future. Other than just reviews, that is. I’ve played around with opening the blog up to guest reviewers or accepting a second reviewer so it’s not just me here, but I don’t know. We shall see.
I just wanted to post an update so it doesn’t look like I’ve totally abandoned the place! There are new reviews in the archives.
Thank you for visiting!

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