Friday Five 003

UntitledFive bucket list destinations.

1. Scotland

2. Ireland

3. England

4. Greece

5. Forks, Washington

It was so hard to narrow this list down to just 5. Bet you didn’t expect that last one haha.

Burgers and Breakfast

I love alliteration.

Diamond BurgersOn Monday my mother was diagnosed with bronchitis and is feeling pretty yucky. Even after getting two shots and a prescription from the doctor she felt even worse yesterday. So for last nights dinner I made these Cheesy Party Burgers from since they’d been on our short list of must try meals. I’m not going to lie to you, I was skeptical of the ingredient list but they looked so tasty on Amanda’s [name twins!] blog post that I had to know if they tasted as good.

Well internet, let me tell you, they do taste as yummy as they looked–possibly better! I left out the sesame seeds because my mother has a stomach issue and seeds make it worse but I don’t know that it made a huge different in flavor. I brought one for lunch today and I’m watching the clock so I can scarf it down.


the first time I made this casserole was Christmas morning.

While the burgers were in the oven I put together our favorite breakfast casserole to have for the rest of the week. I always make this casserole with just 1 pound of turkey sausage but this time I also substituted the 8 eggs for all egg whites. I am going to admit to you I was nervous about how it would turn out but there wasn’t a need to be. It is just as delicious as the other times I’ve made it. It’s such a staple for us. Next time I want to add something like veggies. Maybe fresh baby spinach or peppers.

What recipes do you use over and over because they are quick to prepare or turn out well?

Friday Five 002

Dulce ice cream break

Five things I’m currently loving.

1. Lightroom Presets from Pretty Presets. Lightroom is the best photo editing software. So easy to use. These presets are perfection.

2. These amazingly talented people I follow on Flickr. I don’t know why I bother taking pictures when there are so many talented people out there.

3. This¬†book by Jade Lee I started reading last night. I’m such a sucker for historical romance.

4. Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters. I love dark chocolate anyway, but these are especially good with their sweet and tart flavor. I find them in walmart, where the popcorn and trail/snack mixes are.

5.¬†Jalapeno pimento cheese. If you tell me you do not like pimento cheese I don’t know that we can be friends. It’s cheese!! Cheese is the reason I could not be vegan, tbh. But that’s another post for another day.

Mother’s Day

mother's dayFor Mother’s Day we went to visit my grandmother for a bit. She’s struggled since my grandfathers passing October 2013. We rarely get her out of bed so it was nice to see her up and about and eating breakfast while we were there. My mother fixed her hair since my granny had a doctors appointment the next day.

I watched them and snapped pictures of random things in the kitchen while I talked to my cousin and aunt. After that I left with my mother and changed clothes so I could plant some flowers for her. She’s been dealing with some back/hip issues and can’t squat or get on the ground right now. I planted some impatients and a couple of other flowers for her.

farmers meeting

The field across the street from the house was being prepped to plant. They stood in that same spot talking for so long I had time to run and grab my camera, change out lenses and take half a dozen photos before getting the shot I wanted. Later we saw them pull away and big trucks pull up. I’m curious to see what they plant this year. It usually alternates between cotton and soy bean.

grilledAfter planting we went inside and I prepared some roma tomatoes and yellow squash for the grill. We also had baked potatoes, grilled chicken [me] and steak [them]. One of my favorite parts of spring/summer is grilling. There’s been a few late evenings of planting the garden recently and I can’t wait to get some of those veggies harvested. My mother picked out herbs to plant too. I’m looking forward to all of the fresh goodness.

Do you plant a garden? What do you usually plant?

Friday Five 001

I’ve decided to do “Friday Five” lists so I can become more consistent in blogging. My goal is to post about/link to five things I’m either loving or recently discovered. I’m toying with doing themes every week but that may get difficult over time. For now I’m going with that to see what happens. The theme this week is….


Currently, My Five Favorite Albums

James Bay – Chaos and The Calm

Kodaline – Coming Up for Air

Echosmith – Talking Dreams

Yes, the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. It has some great tracks on it.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (which hasn’t really left my favorites EVER) 


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The lip gloss and eye shadow are two of my personal favorites! I bought two of each for a future giveaway and while cleaning over the weekend I found them and wanted to share.

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